February 16, 2017

Today (Feb 16th) we got a taste of some new Linkin Park material! The lead single off “One More Light” had some light shed on it – track’s called “Heavy” and it features singer Kiiara.
And you can listen to it right now!! Check it out, enjoy!

For those unfamiliar with Kiiara, you might have heard her on a less-heavy radio station doing her song “Gold.” And on paper it’s a bit of an oddball mashup (Linkin Park is no stranger to oddball mashups – remember their paring with Jay-Z?) but looking further into Kiiara she lists Linkin Park as a main influence for her music. So, how cool must it have been for her to get a phone call from these guys!

Guitarist Mike Shinoda details why “Heavy” was chosen as the first single.
“…. because it is really the core sound of the album. This wasn’t a scenario where the whole album sounds one way and the single sounds different. This is how the album sounds. So we wanted to go out with a song like that, where everybody can get a sense of the direction of this body of work.”

One More Light is the name of the next Linkin Park album. And as Shinoda detailed, if you like the song it’s very likely you’ll dig the album too. It comes out May 19th, 2017

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