Hear NEW Kings of Leon Single, ‘Waste a Moment’

September 9, 2016

Kings Of Leon put a new song online this week! It’s called “Waste a Moment” and is the first single from their 7th studio effort, “Walls”.


(Photo: Jimmy Marble)

The new KOL album will be released Oct. 14 and is their first since 2013’s Mechanical Bull. The band teamed up with Arcade Fire producer Markus Dravs.

KOL singer Caleb Followill said they recorded this album with a purpose, “There comes a point when you realize you’ve lost that passion and that hunger. You’re chastened and want to get it back — and in order to get it back it’s like, ‘Forget about record sales, forget about the size of the venue you’re playing, forget about any of that stuff.’”


Followill told Entertainment Weekly that they “did what you’re supposed to do in the studio (while making a record). We fought each other and loved each other.”

Hear “Waste a Moment” below and a look at the track listing too.

Kings of Leon, Walls Track Listing

1. “Waste a Moment”
2. “Reverend”
3. “Around the World”
4. “Find Me”
5. “Over”
6. “Muchacho”
7. “Conversation Piece”
8. “Eyes on You”
9. “Wild”
10. “WALLS”


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