Hear Jake Bugg’s New Single, ‘All Kinds Of People’

July 7, 2024

Jake Bugg‘s upcoming new album, ‘A Modern Day Distraction’, is out September 20, 2024. You can already hear (and watch) his new single, ‘All Kinds Of People’, below! 

Bugg had this to say about the song in a press release: “We all have our struggles. In British culture, we don’t really talk to anyone about that. You need to talk about these things with the people you love. We have to try and help each other, because there’s not much help out there.”

‘All Kinds Of People’ is the new album’s second release. It follows the lead single, ‘Zombieland’.

The press release says Bugg’s new album comes from the frustration of societal inequality. 

“People might say ‘What do you know?’ or ‘Just stick to music’. I’ve got a bit of money, but we all know the people this affects. I was just writing it because it was the way I felt. It pisses me off – especially in a country like ours where we have the means and funds to take care of the people suffering the most, but we choose not to. You just have to put your songs out into the universe and hope for the best.”

Not long now. A few months from now and you’ll hear what Jake’s been up to in-studio!


Written by Todd Hancock