Hear A Track From Moby’s New Album ‘All Visible Objects’

January 17, 2020

How cool is this? Moby is giving 100% of the profits from his new album (his 17th) ‘All Visible Objects’ to charity! Hear his new song ‘Power is Taken’ below.

Moby’s new album is being released on March 6th.

As mentioned, Moby will give 100% of the profit to the following charity groups: Extinction Rebellion, Brighter Green, the Rainforest Action Network, Extinction Rebellion and animal welfare groups such as Mercy for Animals, Animal Equality, the Humane League, and the International Anti-Poaching.

Pretty amazing initiative, Moby! Well played.

Will he ever return to the success of his “Play” album?


Written by Todd Hancock

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