“He put his hand up and said ‘F**k off kid, not today.'” 27 Minutes With Retired NHL LW Sean Avery!

March 27, 2021

When you get an NHL rule named after you because of your antics with a goaltender, your name is Sean Avery.

You’ll know Avery from his time with the Red Wings, The Kings, The Stars & The Rangers. He’s the kind of guy you want on your team that you don’t want to play against. A real shit disturber who racked up over 1,500 penalty minutes.

From the Leukemia comment, to the heckling incident… the ’sloppy seconds’ comment to the restraining order… no doubt you’ve kept up with Avery’s life.

And in the full conversation, we talk about it all; a Bob Probert story, an hilarious first time meeting Owen Nolan story, a John Tortorella story, binging The Servant, life during the COVID era, seeing Blue Rodeo in concert, landing a role in Tenet, growing up to the music of the Guess Who & Lighthouse, the NHL’s ‘The Avery Rule’, major sports fake crowd noise, road pranks, potential, fighting and lots more!

If you’d rather watch the video, check it out below!

Written by Todd Hancock