Halestorm Is ‘We’re Working On New Music’

June 9, 2023

Halestorm bassist Josh Smith was interview by The Sound Lab at this year’s Download Festival and talked about starting work on a new studio album, “Yes, it has. When we were just home, we spent a week with someone who I’m not sure I’m at liberty to say. So I’m just gonna keep it hush for now. I try my best not to speak out of turn, which means I usually don’t speak a lot. But yes, we’re working on new music.”

Smith continued, “There’s been a lot of rehearsing and preparing for [the current European shows], but it’s fun to sort of couple [that with writing] when you are in this mindset, because then you are thinking about what would be effective in front of a crowd. Yeah, it’s been really productive, and some ideas have just popped out, which is exciting. They’re cool, which means we’ve still got it. [Laughs]”

As for the band’s songwriting process, “It happens every which way. This last time we were all involved. But it started with this little melody line that Lzzy [Hale, guitar/vocals] had. That was it. It was just this idea that could potentially be a melody line and an idea for a chorus, maybe. So we went with it, and it popped out really quick. But, yeah, truly, [it happens] any and every which way. I could be playing something on the piano or Lzzy or Joe [Hottinger, guitar] plays a riff and [we go], ‘Oh, that’s cool.’ It’s just, like, anything goes. We just try to spend a lot of time together so we can sort of bottle that spontaneous magic.”

Meanwhile, if you didn’t catch it, last month, Halestorm teamed up with country singer Ashley McBryde for a re-imagined version of the band’s song, “Terrible Things”.


Written by Todd Hancock