Group of bikers come to fellow bikers aid, find out it’s Bruce Springsteen

November 15, 2016

A group of bikers got a once in a lifetime chance to ride with the Boss, Bruce Springsteen!


Springsteen was out for a ride last Friday night when his bike had some troubles outside of Freehold, New Jersey – Springsteens home-town. The group of bikers were celebrating Veterans Day at the Freehold American Legion and went out for a ride. When they saw a motorcyclist in need the group pulled over, and then found out it was Springsteen.

After realizing they couldn’t get the Boss’ bike in working order, they decided the best option was to head to the local pub and grab some beers.


“We sat there and shot the breeze for a half hour, 45 minutes till his ride showed up,” said one of the riders, Dan Barkalow. “Nice guy, real down to earth. Just talked about motorcycles and his old Freehold days.”


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