Gorillaz working on TV Show

April 10, 2017

In todays file for “things that sound like they should have happened by now,” a band made entirely of cartoon characters is getting a TV show. gorillaz_band_photo

Jamie Hewlett and Damon Albarn, co-creators of the Gorillaz, recently spoke with Q Magazine about their upcoming album, the groups first in seven years. Hewlett dished on the show, stating he didn’t know when or where the show might get broadcast but it does exist “in some form” at the moment.
He even added that a Dreamworks movie was in production at one point! Predictably, it never came to light because “it was too dark to spend a couple of hundred million dollars on.”


Unfortunately for Gorillaz fans, that’s all we know about the show so far – it exists, it’ll be ten episodes, and and it may or may not be broadcast somewhere. (Maybe the band could show off a sneak peak at the upcoming music festival they have planned?)

More info was shared on the upcoming album from the Gorillaz. Albarn told the interviewer the albums about the worst-case scenario inauguration and how the world would react to it, as told through a party record. Because, how else do you tell that story?

The album’s on the way, getting released on April 28th. More news on the Gorillaz show as it comes out.

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