Former Slipknot Drummer Joey Jordison Is Writing a Book!

October 23, 2018

Former Slipknot / current Sinsaenum drummer Joey Jordison recently (October 10; Budapest, Hungary) sat down with the Impact Metal Channel and confirmed he’s writing a life-story book!


Jordison is currently touring Europe with his death metal band Sinsaenum and told The Impact Metal Channel he’s been writing, “I’ve had a couple of offers from book companies and stuff like that, and I’ve been so busy, of course, with new music projects and recording and touring that I haven’t really gotten down to it. I can’t do it on the road, because everything else takes all my time as far as — you’ve got travel, you’ve got all these things that you have to do, and, of course, soundchecks and then you’ve got the show, and then you’ve got meet-and-greets, and then you’ve gotta meet the fans, of course, after the show. That takes all of your time.”

He added, “But as far as the book is concerned, I already started it, to be completely honest, and it will just take some time to make sure it’s absolutely detailed. Because I can’t complete it without completing the Sinsaenum tour [laughs], ’cause it wouldn’t make any sense.”

Jordison talked about his health (he temporarily lost the use of his legs from the neurological condition acute transverse myelitis; an inflammation of the spinal cord which damages nerve fibers) in the interview too. It’s worth hearing, check it out below!

No doubt this book Joey is working on will be a great read with awesome stories.

Who’s next. Who would you like to see write & release a book?


Written by Todd Hancock