Former Mötley Crüe Singer John Corabi’s Autobiography Due Out Summer 2022

December 21, 2021

Too bad you won’t be able to ask Santa for this one… former Motley Crue singer John Corabi’s autobiography, “Horseshoes And Hand Grenades” will be in stores and online for June 14, 2022 (moved from April 12, 2022)!

Corabi was recently interviewed on Detroit rock station WRIF and said, “It goes all the way back to, obviously, me being born, but it talks about my parents. My grandparents were first-generation Italians from the Calabria section of Italy. My mother’s side of the family, I talk about them. It talks about me being born, my childhood being very kind of ‘Wonder Years’ — whatever — and then just it completely derailing and falling apart. And it goes into everything. There’s a lot of things that fans don’t know about me — some of my marriages. It talks about, again, my youth, childhood. I dive into the Uncle Jack stories.”

Corabi went on to say, “Basically, the book is really kind of a testament to [the fact that] I knew at a very young age that I wanted to do what I’m doing for a living. Now, has it panned out the way that the magazines, the articles — you know, Learjets, limousines and all that other stuff? Probably not. But I’m still pushing forward, still trying to find my slice of the pie. But it’s really kind of a testament to perseverance. And it goes right from the time I took my first breath to maybe a year ago.”

Corabi joined Motley Crue in ’92 after original singer Vince Neil was dismissed due to personal differences and went on to record one of the band’s best albums.

In case you missed when John was a guest of the Toddcast Podcast, check it out!

You’ll remember that in February ’18, Corabi released the live album “Live ’94: One Night In Nashville”. It documents his performance of Motley Crue’s entire 1994 self-titled album, recorded on October 27, 2015 in Nashville, Tennessee. And it’s an awesome album.

Cannot wait to read this autobiography! What’s your favourite rock read?


Written by Todd Hancock

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