Foo Fighters And Pearl Jam Drummers Form ‘Nighttime Boogie Association’!

December 14, 2020

Chalk this up to good news in these pandemic times. Pearl Jam / Soundgarden drummer Matt Cameron and Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins have started a band together! They’re calling it Nighttime Boogie Association.

They released the two songs in this story (which they wrote, recorded, and produced); “Long In The Tooth” and “The Path We’re On” and released them on their own label Keep It Trippy Records.

“Long In The Tooth” was written by Taylor Hawkins (lyrics) and Matt Cameron (music). Cameron plays guitar, bass, and drum machine and Hawkins does lead vocal, drum fills, percussion, and keyboards.

Matt Cameron wrote the music and lyrics for “The Path We’re On”, plays drums, guitar and vocals. Taylor Hawkins performs the drum intro, as well as lead vocals and keyboards.

Which of the two songs is your favourite? Do you think this project will eventually tour?


Written by Todd Hancock

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