‘Finding Dory’ add comedy stars to voiceover lineup

March 31, 2016

Finding Dory just got a lil’ better – Disney-Pixar has confirmed the full voice cast for the sequel to Finding Nemo.

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Ellen DeGeneres and Albert Brooks are back as Dory and Marlin, while Diane Keaton and Eugene Levy voice Dory’s parents, Jenny and Charlie. The movie’s voice cast also includes Idris Elba as Dominic West as a pair of sea lions named Fluke and Rudder.

Yesterday (March 30) it was confirmed that Bill Hader and Kate McKinnon will cameo as a fish couple who cross paths with Dory. Torbin Bullock (Toy Story) voices a “kooky loon” named Becky.

Modern Family actors Ed O’Neill and Ty Burrell play an octopus named Hank and a beluga whale named Baileywill respectively.

Meanwhile, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia actress Kaitlin Olson will play a whale shark named Destiny. Bob Peterson will be back as Mr. Ray while Andrew Stanton and Bennett Dammann voice the father-son turtle duo Crush and Squirt.

Finding Nemo director Andrew Stanton is also steering the sequel, and wrote its script too. Finding Dory is set for release on June 17.

Released in May 2003, Finding Nemo grossed more than $878 million worldwide and won an Oscar for Best Animated Feature.


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