Finally. The Collaboration Of Two Jacks!

August 12, 2019

Ha! They’ve called Jack Black and Jack White’s “legendary” studio collaboration video, ‘Jack Gray’. The only complaint? It’s only 17 minutes.

You’ll remember back in June of this year, the two Jacks met each other at Heathrow airport and took some selfies. Now, earlier this week, it was reported that the D had spent some quality time with The Raconteur’s frontman! Some of which you see in the video above!

“I didn’t realize, but they’re actually not very nice guys; they’re actually really mean,” White jokes about Tenacious D’s Jack Black and Kyle Gass.


Unfortunately no video footage was shot in the studio (or so they say), but as you might expect, and as Black describes, the song was “magical” and recorded to eight-track analogue tape.

Jack White’s band The Raconteurs released a new album called ‘Help Us Stranger’ in June ’19. Tenacious D’s fourth, ‘Post-Apocalypto’ came out in 2018.

Do you have high hopes for the song Jack, Jack and Kyle worked on? My money is on Dave Grohl being the drummer and it will be glorious!

That, or it’ll be ho-hum and we’ll forget about it by 2020.


Written by Todd Hancock

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