‘Fable’ creator to “push boundaries” With a New blockchain game

December 14, 2021

You’ll best know gaming veteran Peter Molyneux as the creator of Fable and Black & White. Now, he’s working on a new game that he says will, “push the boundaries of blockchain gaming”!

Molyneux took to his blog to talk about his new game, Legacy – calling it “a creative entrepreneur’s dream come true,” and “an opportunity for players to build their very own business.”

He went on to say there will be a “huge array of possibilities” to design your own products and create a business empire “the likes of which the world has never seen!”.

One goal Molyneux has for Legacy is the ability for you to own a “Land NFT” so you can “start [their] own in-game blockchain business association in Legacy.”.

How cool is that?!

And to make it even more geeky (in a good way), the game will use a cryptocurrency called LegacyCoin that will be the game’s economy.

Molyneux’s blog said, “this new cryptocurrency has many uses, from acquiring Legacy Keys for lending to trading within the game economy, acquiring exclusive game item NFTs and many more exciting and innovative utilities yet to be revealed.”

A launch date hasn’t been announced but you can expect it sometime in 2022.

And if you understood all of this article, you’re a bigger nerd than I am.


Written by Todd Hancock

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