Extreme’s New Album Is ‘Pretty Much Done’!

February 28, 2020

Extreme guitarist Nuno Bettencourt was recently a guest of “Trunk Nation: L.A. Invasion” on SiriusXM and said they’re finishing up their first album since 2008’s “Saudades De Rock”!

Bettencourt said, “It’s done in a sense where it’s done. As a matter of fact, Gary [Cherone, vocals] flies back in tomorrow, into L.A. He’s doing a few touch-ups — some stuff that we did, a few fixes; stuff we changed, lyrics we changed in the songs. But that’s it. He’s doing the final touch-ups. All the guitars, bass, drums are done. Mixes are pretty much done.”

As for when you can expect it to be released: “The release is really gonna depend on a label. The good thing about not releasing anything for a while is we’re free and clear of, I think, anything that we had, which we’re really excited about because I haven’t been this excited about an album in a long, long time. It’s probably one of the hungriest-sounding Extreme albums I’ve ever done. It’s heavy and it’s full of fire. I would say that this is even probably Gary’s best album he’s done. This is his album, I would say.”

Are you excited to hear what they’ve created? Personally, can’t wait. Nuno is one of the best guitarists around and I must’ve played their debut 12,000 times when it was released.


Written by Todd Hancock

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