Expect A New Bush Song This Summer

June 18, 2024

Bush singer Gavin Rossdale recently spoke to Billboard magazine and revealed that he’s already working on new music to follow up 2022’s “The Art Of Survival” album!

“I am gonna leave here today and go to the studio to work on more for the next record. I just keep thinking forward… there’s a painful, tortuous process like, ‘Oh my God, what am I doing? I can’t do it, this last song I did was the best song I wrote, now what am I gonna do?’ And then you just sort of forge forward and you find it… so this week I’m reaping the rewards of last week’s writing and working in the studio when I leave here. I like to live in the moment.”

Rossdale (58) also said he hopes to finish the band’s 10th album before jumping on tour next month, “I’m definitely going to have a new song this summer.”

Bush’s “Loaded: The Greatest Hits Tour” starts July 26 in Bend, Oregon.

Bush has had an enviable career, selling over 24 million albums, over one billion streams and a parade of #1 songs. The band is now Rossdale, Chris Traynor (guitar), Corey Britz (bass) and Nik Hughes (drums). 

This year is the 30th anniversary of the band’s debut album, “Sixteen Stone”. It went 3x platinum. Huge album. Big songs like “Everything Zen”, “Little Things”, “Machinehead” and the group’s first No. 1 singles — “Comedown” and “Glycerine”!

As you know, Bush broke up in 2002 and reformed in 2010. They’ve since released five albums: “The Sea of Memories” (2011), “Man On The Run” (2014), “Black And White Rainbows” (2017), “The Kingdom” (2020) and the aforementioned “The Art Of Survival”.

Can’t wait to hear what Gavin and co. release! This band has consistently released some of rock’s best since the 90s. I’m Team Bush!


Written by Todd Hancock