Enuff Z’Nuff To Release New Studio Album ‘Brainwashed Generation’!

May 7, 2020

Enuff Z’Nuff is releasing a new album, “Brainwashed Generation”, on July 10!

This new album is the follow up to 2018’s “Diamond Boy” and according to a press release is “a diverse collection of songs that demonstrate the progression of musical styles in the Enuff Z’Nuff catalog, all while retaining the undercurrent that has kept them a loyal fanbase since the ’80s.”

Once COVID-19 is under control and bands are able to tour again, expect Enuff Z’Nuff to tour the U.S. and Europe.

“Brainwashed Generation” track listing:

01. The Gospel
02. Fatal Distraction
03. I Got My Money Where My Mouth Is
04. Help I’m In Hell
05. It’s All In Vain 
06. Strangers In My Head 
07. Drugland Weekend 
08. Broken Love 
09. Go… 
10. Winding Road

Recording lineup:

Chip Z’nuff – Vocals/Bass
Tory Stoffregen – Lead Guitar
Alex Kane – Lead Guitar
Dan Hill – Drums

Special guests:

Mike Portnoy – Ringo / Beatles replica kit by Tama – Track 5
Daxx “Cheap Trick” Nielsen – Drums Tracks 2, 4, 7, 9
Steve Ramone – Guitar Tracks 2, 8
Tony Fennell – Guitar Track 3
Joel Norman – Piano Track 1
Ace Frehley – Inaudible Lead Guitar Track 7
Donnie Vie – Vox, Guitar Track 6
Vinnie Castaldo – Drums Track 6

Singer Chip Z’nuff says: “This batch of songs are simply gifts from above via a plethora of influences. There’s certainly plenty of fodder at this unprecedented time in our world.”

Indeed Chip, indeed.


Written by Todd Hancock