“Don’t worry — we’re all wearing masks” Halestorm Is Working On A New Album!

February 23, 2021

More good rock news! Halestorm drummer Arejay Hale was recently a guest of Detroit radio station WRIF and reveal that they’re currently in-studio working on the follow-up to 2018’s “Vicious” album!


Hale, in part, said, “I’m actually really excited. We took the entire 2020 off from being together — I wouldn’t say ‘off,’ because we’ve been writing individually and we’ve been writing virtually. Zoom has become such a big part of my life. I’m doing so many songwriting sessions over Zoom — a lot of co-writes, a lot of different things. So we’ve got a lot of music coming. We’re actually working in the studio right now. We’ve been kind of working in the studio on and off, just trying to play it very safe. Don’t worry — we’re all wearing masks, and we’re all being very cautious.”

“I haven’t been home without a gig for this long in probably over 15 years, so that’s a strange thing. I think in one way, I have the time, but in another way, I’m seeking that high out, I’m seeking that joy that I find from playing out live every night. I’m not writing for any other reason — I’m not writing for a deadline, I’m not writing for a record, even though technically I am; we are technically working on a new Halestorm record. But I’m writing from such a position of joy right now, literally just getting excited about some small piece of music. And I’m taking more risks now, because I have the space and the time and I’ve settled into something. And I’m not even quite sure what that is, and I feel like it’s gonna reveal itself maybe later, but right now, I’m in it, and it’s exciting.”

Arejay and his sister Lzzy started Halestorm in 1998, while there were still in high school. Fourteen years later, they won their first Grammy award in the category of “Best Hard Rock/ Metal Performance” for “Love Bites (So Do I)”.

Meanwhile, the band recorded a cover of the Who’s 1974 hit, “Long Live Rock,” to be included in documentary, also titled Long Live Rock! The movie’s world-premiere live screening (and a Q&A) happens on March 11th at 9pm EST and will be released to the public March 12th thru Watch Now @ Home.

Which ‘sibling’ band is your favourite? Van Halen? Hanson? Nickelback? Heart?


Written by Todd Hancock

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