Details On Ratt’s Stephen Pearcy ‘Backstage Past’ Docuseries!

January 25, 2021

Have you heard about “Backstage Past” yet? As a fan of RATT, this is pretty cool. Singer Stephen Pearcy has an idea to keep his fans happy during quarantine. A house party meets a docuseries! A behind the scenes look at virtual events. 

Back in the ’70s before Pearcy started RATT, his band MICKEY RATT used to play backyards in San Diego, charging $1 entry and let the party begin! 

Now, Pearcy realizes you need to move with the COVID times. And that means some virtual shows. From what we’re reading, you can expect a “house party” style gig on his forthcoming docuseries, “Backstage Past” (available on ASY TV (Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple TV). Knowing RATT, expect the unexpected.

Release dates to-be-announced. Filming starts February 23rd.

Cool idea. Which bands would you like to see do the same sort of thing?


Written by Todd Hancock

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