Dee Snider To Start Horror Movie Pre-Production Next Month

May 10, 2022

Did you know that Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider dabbles in creating horror movies? It’s true! And according to one of his Twitter posts, his new horror movie starts pre-production in June!


This isn’t anything new for Snider. He wrote and starred in the cult 1998 horror movie “Strangeland”. And you may remember a couple years ago Dee was talking about directing a horror movie from a script he wrote, called “My Enemy’s Enemy”. That movie is said to be based on a real-life crime spree that happened in Long Island, New York in 1982.

Is this the horror movie he’s working on next month? It’s speculation at this point, but it’s a good guess. Time will tell. Who knows, maybe he has other horror up his sleeve.

Snider was a guest of “Metal Casino Live” and talked about “My Enemy’s Enemy”, “‘My Enemy’s Enemy’ is powerfully disturbing. People said to me, after ‘Strangeland’, why didn’t I do something else, and I said ’cause I didn’t have an idea; I didn’t wanna just do something typical. And there was a crime committed where I grew up on Long Island in 1982. It’s considered the most horrible of crimes in the history of the area where I grew up. Each of the people convicted got 365 years in prison — each — for the crime. And I took that story, and I said, ‘Well, what if…?’ And I’m being very general, ’cause I don’t wanna give away too much at this point. But I said, ‘What if when this crime was happening, a Michael Myers or Jason Voorhees showed up — someone who was more evil. And ‘My Enemy’s Enemy’ is about, can we join each other, when we’re enemies, to fight a greater enemy?”

Gotta love the creative juices coming outta Dee Snider! Been a fan for years. Keep it up, we’re all listening… and watching!


Written by Todd Hancock