Dee Snider Says ‘Creative Juices Are Flowing’ For Next Solo Album!

January 18, 2021

One positive thing about the pandemic is lockdown creativity. Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider took to Twitter to let his following know that he’s working on the follow up to his 2018 “For The Love Of Metal” album!


You may remember that Snider was a guest of Full Metal Jackie’s radio show back in October 2020 and told her, “[I’m] working with the same amazing team — the Bellmore brothers, Charlie [on guitar] and Nickey. Nickey plays drums, but also is the engineer and mixer — an amazing, talented guy. And Jamey Jasta is the producer and curator. He is the gatekeeper, the master. As all ideas are brought in, they’re filtered through Jamey, his ears, and have to get a thumbs-up from him before it makes it to the record.”

You can hear the full 12 minute interview with Full Metal Jackie here.


Twisted Sister called it a day back in 2016 after finishing up their 40th-anniversary tour. I wonder if they’ll ever get back together? Guess it doesn’t matter if Snider continues to create new music, right?


Written by Todd Hancock

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