‘Deadpool 2’ Release Info, cast & trailer

March 7, 2017

Deadpool was made on a budget of $58 million – relatively small in terms of global smashes. ICYMI – they released a ‘short’ film promoting Deadpool 2 (see below)!


Movie makers are already hard at work… Deadpool 2 is highly anticipated. How do you follow up such a smash hit at the theatres?

At the moment – there’s a release date set for early 2018. Of course, that’s a tentative date. Movies tend to work on their own schedule. Will Cable make an appearance? That’s apparently the case; which would be uber cool.

Domino is also in the sequel. She made her Marvel debut in 1992 and has the ability to bend luck to her will. Orange is the New Black’s Ruby Rose and Sienna Miller are rumoured to have been tested for the role.

Rumours suggest there are roles for Jon Hamm, Pierce Brosnan, Ruby Rose and Russell Crowe.

You’ll remember a Deadpool and Wolverine crossover was rumoured late last year and apparently they shot a scene for the Wolverine film Logan, set to appear in the movie’s closing credits.


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