Dave Grohl Did The Foreward For The First Ever John Bonham Biography!

April 17, 2021

How has there never been a John Bonham biography?? That changes on September 7th when Hachette Books releases “Beast: John Bonham And The Rise Of Led Zeppelin”, Bonham’s first-ever biography!

The 384-page book features a foreward by Foo Fighters leader Dave Grohl and was written by music journalist C.M. Kushins.

Bonham learned to play drums at the age of five, no lessons needed. He was playing in local bands shortly after graduating from high school. And when Jimmy Page’s The Yardbirds dissolved, Page grabbed new players, made an album and toured as The New Yardbirds. A few months after returning from their Scandanavian tour, Page grabbed singer Robert Plant and drummer Bonham and changed the name of the band to Led Zeppelin. The rest is history.

Bonham remains one of the most loved, respected, well-known and influential drummers of all time. He died way too soon of pulmonary edema. He was only 32 years old.


Written by Todd Hancock

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