Daughtry Is Releasing Two Separate EPs ‘That Kind Of Come Together As One’

June 26, 2024

Chris Daughtry was recently on SiriusXM’s “Trunk Nation With Eddie Trunk” and talked about the progress of a new Daughtry album, the follow-up to 2021’s “Dearly Beloved”. “We have the first half done, and I don’t have the exact date, but we’re looking at sometime in September to drop the first half of the record. So we’re dropping it in two parts. The first part will come out sometime in September. And then we’re still currently working on the second half right now. And the first half, I’m just — man, I am so happy with it. I’m so stoked, and I can’t wait for everybody to hear all of it. I can’t wait to play some of these songs live. And yeah, so it’s coming along great. It’s just that we’ve been really, really deliberate and taking our time with this to get it right.”

Asked if it’ll be two separate EPs? “Yeah, I think it’s two EPs that kind of come together as one when it all comes out.”

The band release the official music video for “Pieces” back in April ’24. And here’s the backstory you might not know. The song was written shortly after the loss of his mother and daughter: “I’ll never get over it. It’s hard to move on, but I’m learning to live with the pieces of me”.

Daughtry said, “At some point in our lives, we will all experience trauma of some kind. Something that chips away at the essence of who we are. Sometimes it’s an event so devastating that it shatters our reality and rips a hole through our soul. This is about finding the strength to pick up those broken pieces, face the darkness head on, and fight your way toward the light.”

Daughtry is no stranger to #1 singles; four on Adult Pop Airplay (“It’s Not Over”, “Home”, “Feels Like Tonight” and “No Surprise”), one on Pop Airplay (“It’s Not Over”) and one on Adult Contemporary (“Home”).

Daughtry’s debut album was the top-selling album of 2007 and was the fastest-selling rock debut album in SoundScan history! It got four Grammy Award nominations and won four American Music Awards and seven Billboard Music Awards!

Can’t wait for new music! Name a more underrated band than Daughtry. I’ll wait.


Written by Todd Hancock