Danny Carey Talks New Tool Album ‘Undertow’ Type Of Record

January 10, 2024

Tool bassist Justin Chancellor and drummer Danny Carey recently did an interview with Revolver magazine and talked about following-up their 2019 album “Fear Inoculum”.

Chancellor spoke about how “Fear Inoculum” was the first full-length album since they released 2006’s “10,000 Days”, and how it was because of personal, creative and legal issues they were facing at the time, “It’ll be different this time. Everyone’s life is different, and everyone’s expectations are different. Time is precious now, so you try and look for ways to be more efficient with the process. We’ve had a lot of discussion about that and how we can bring a new record to fruition in a slightly different way.”

Carey added, “Our filter system is pretty intense. If it gets by the four of us in the band, then we figure it’s going to work. It’s a really painstaking process that we go through to finish [an album], and get it where we are all completely convinced. It pays off in the long run because we never really get tired of performing our songs. It gives rise to a vehicle that we can all believe in.”

As for what you can expect in terms of musical direction, Carey said, “Who knows? It could flip-flop and we could just go back to doing an ‘Undertow’ [type of] record” of shorter songs. “That’s kind of appealing to me. I always like change, whatever direction it goes.”

Another possibility is a new EP rather a full-length release.

Carey said, “We’re free agents now. We aren’t signed to a label anymore. We are free to do whatever we want.”

“Fear Inoculum” debuted #No. 1 on Billboard’s Top 200. It’s not a stretch to think a new album will do the same.

Although Tool released “Opiate2”, a re-imagined and extended version of the 1992 EP’s title track and an accompanying short film, in 2022, we’re still due for a new Tool album. And if it reminds you of ‘Undertow’, so be it. Brilliant album from a groundbreaking band!


Written by Todd Hancock