Childish Gambino new album coming soon

December 29, 2023

You haven’t heard a new album from Childish Gambino since 2020’s ‘3.15.20’. And, that’s about to ‘soon’ change.

Gambino, real name Donald Glover (actor; Community, Atlanta) was recently leaving the Greenwich Hotel in New York and asked by TMZ what fans can expect next. His reply? ‘An album’.

Glover added it would be coming “soon”.

His ‘3.15.20’ album received 5 stars by NME, saying that “rap’s Renaissance man” let his guard down with his “most personal record to date”.

Beyond the music, Glover and his brother Stephen were tasked with writing the Disney* Star Wars series, Lando. He also co-created the Amazon Prime thriller Swarm, starring Dominique Fishback.

In other news, this week Glover was accused of mistreatment by the people who worked on the artwork for his album, ‘Awaken, My Love!’, including the woman you see on the cover.

Something must be happening – the hype machine is in full-swing!

Which do you prefer? Glover’s music, or acting?


Written by Todd Hancock