Canada Proposes Rules To Fight Airline crew fatigue

July 2, 2017

This past Friday (June 30), Canada proposed rules to ensure airline crews are fit for duty and well rested.

An Air Canada jet takes off from Halifax Stanfield International Airport in Enfield, N.S. on Thursday, March 8, 2012. Air Canada has announced it is changing its policy on the number of people required in the cockpit of its aircraft, a move prompted by the Germanwings plane crash in France. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Andrew Vaughan 0813-biz-xFPaircan ORG XMIT: POS2015032617333437 1118-biz-xFPairclimate ORG XMIT: POS1508121315441720


This sounds like something that should (would) already exist – like flight members can’t work after drinking alcohol from eight hours to 12 hours.

Canadian Transport Minister Marc Garneau (below; seen rapping in the House of Commons) said in a news release that the draft rules would include flight duty period limits that take into account the time of day, increase rest periods, and add requirements to ensure crew have free time.


Transport Canada has been studying the issue since 2010.

Garneau’s proposed changes shouldn’t affect major Canadian airlines – as they’ve already placed similar guidelines.

You’ll be able to comment on the draft rules until Sept. 29.