Canada: first G-20 nation to legalize marijuana

June 21, 2018

Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau took to twitter on Tuesday (June 19) to blast out one of the best hashtags you’ll ever see. And with that, it’s official!


The Canadian Senate voted to legalize recreational marijuana by a nearly two to one margin (making Canada the first G20 nation to legalize).

Here’s the drill:

  • Canadians 18 years + will be able to have an ounce of weed on their person in public and grow up to four plants at home.
  • Canada’s retail markets should be going by September; edibles will be worked out within a year.

“Canada’s progress will galvanize support for drug policy reforms around the world,” says Hannah Hetzer, Senior International Policy Manager for the Drug Policy Alliance.


It’s official. As of October 17th 2018, it’s always 4:20 in Canada!


Written by Todd Hancock