Bullet For My Valentine Plan To Write New Album In 2024

July 8, 2023

Bullet For My Valentine guitarist Michael Paget was interviewed at last weekend’s 2000 Trees Festival in the U.K. and talked about the band’s upcoming plans, “We’ve got a few more — 10 or 11 more — summer festivals out in Europe to play over the summer. Then we have a little break in, sort of, August-September, and we head out to America for a month or five, six weeks to do a headline run up there. I’m not too sure what’s gonna happen at the end of the year, if there’s anything in there yet. And then we’re gonna stop [touring] and start writing again. So ’24 we’ll be writing an album. And then 2025 we’ll be back. [2025 is] an anniversary of something big.”

BFMV singer Matt Tuck was interviewed by NME in December 2021 and talked about what the new music could sound like, “It really depends. In a year’s, two years’ time, whenever we decide to kind of get involved with that, we’re just gonna do what we do — we’re gonna see what comes out, what feels natural, what makes us happy, what makes us scared, what makes us motivated. And coming off the back of ‘Gravity’ and this album, we’re just gonna that whole process of confidence and no-fear attitude into the writing process, and as soon as we start smiling and high-fiving, that’s when we’ll know we’re on the right track.”

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Written by Todd Hancock