Buckcherry Is Working On New Music!

June 28, 2020

Buckcherry singer Josh Todd was recently interviewed by MyGlobalMind and said the band has been using the pandemic downtime to work on new music, “Right now, we are writing new songs for a Buckcherry record because of the whole COVID thing. It shifted us into a completely different gear. We had a lot of different plans for this year, and it certainly wasn’t this. So now we are in songwriting mode and super fired up. We have a lot of great songs coming down the pipeline, so it should be out the spring of next year.”

And don’t expect Buckcherry to make those Zoom-type band videos you’ve been seeing lately anytime soon, “I see those, and it bums me out. It’s just not for me. If that is where it’s going, it’s very sad. We’ve toured so much we can just wait on the sidelines until things get going. We have a show on July 4th in Iowa at the Freedom Rally, which is an outdoor biker event, and tickets are selling well. We have all these rescheduled dates starting in August, and they are all on, from what I understand, but that can change.”

Earlier this month, Buckcherry released Volume 2 of their “Acoustic Sessions” series.

Wonder how long before we hear these new songs? Josh says Spring 2021 but we’ll see.


Written by Todd Hancock