Bon Scott Film Won’t Be A Biopic

March 11, 2024

They’re making a movie called “The Kid From Harvest Road” that’s about late AC/DC singer Bon Scott and the producers released a statement saying it won’t be a biopic.

The film is said to “re-imagine” the early life of Scott.

Here’s what the producers said in that statement: “The producers behind ‘The Kid From Harvest Road’ are incredibly humbled and grateful for the overwhelming media attention the recent announcement of the film’s development has garnered. The enthusiasm and support from audiences and media outlets alike reaffirm the belief in the power of storytelling.

“However, they are at pains to express that ‘The Kid From Harvest Road’ is a project that aims to capture the essence of Bon Scott’s early life in Fremantle in a fictionalised narrative set in the 1960s. By drawing inspiration from the stories and atmosphere of the time period, rather than attempting a biopic, the film can offer a more imaginative exploration of Scott’s character and experiences.

“Focusing on his formative years in Fremantle allows for a deeper dive into the influences and events that shaped him as a person and ultimately as the iconic frontman of AC/DC. It also provides an opportunity to explore the cultural landscape of the time, including the burgeoning music scene and social dynamics of the era.

“Through careful storytelling and attention to detail, ‘The Kid From Harvest Road’ can offer viewers a reimagined glimpse into the life of a young Bon Scott, while also capturing the spirit of the times in which he lived. It’s an approach that allows for creative interpretation while still honouring the essence of Scott’s journey.

“In the meantime the overwhelming response has been inspiring and producers encourage anyone to share their stories of the time and help develop the rich tapestry in this love letter to Fremantle.”

“The Kid From Harvest Road” is currently in development.

Write Stephen Belowsky has always wanted to bring the of Bon Scott’s early years to the big screen, “I was truly inspired by his charismatic character, but what interested me most was his early, life not the caricature we all know on stage. The teen who walked the streets of Fremantle… this is a love letter to Fremantle and Bon reimagined through the eyes of the author.”

Scott sang on AC/DC’s first six studio albums: “High Voltage”, “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap”, “Let There Be Rock” and “Highway To Hell”.

Scott died of acute alcohol poisoning after a night of heavy drinking at a club in London.

Production on the film is expected to start in early 2025.

Which other musicians would you like to see have a movie made about their lives?


Written by Todd Hancock