Black Stone Cherry Has A New Album Ready!

May 17, 2020

Hell yes! Cannot wait to hear the new Black Stone Cherry album! They were completing it prior to COVID-19 stopping the planet.

The band is from Kentucky and their new album (which is expected to be released by year’s end) will follow-up to 2018’s “Family Tree”.

During this COVID-19 isolation, Black Stone Cherry singer/guitarist Chris Robertson talked about the album on an episode of “Cherry Chat”.

Robertson said (see video below): “We were literally finishing [the] record right when all the stay-at-home stuff came down [due to the coronavirus pandemic]. We were scheduled to go back in on a Monday, ’cause we were taking weekends off. We worked through the weekend and finished everything up, because come Monday, you couldn’t do shit anymore, man. We got really lucky that it came down that close. But now we’re sitting here with a record, finishing to get it mixed, and you can’t go tour, you can’t do shit.”

Robertson shared the inspiration for the new album, “The last record we did, ‘Family Tree’, it was way more ‘jam band’-y and kind of classic rock-oriented, to where the new record is nothing like that. The new record, it’s funny — when Jordan was mixing it, we were, like, ‘Hey, man, when you reference it, make sure you reference your all’s last record and a bunch of other records, man, because the last couple of records we’ve done haven’t been necessarily in the same kind of genre, per se, as what you guys do. We haven’t been in that heavy rock category on the last couple of releases we’ve done; we’ve done more of a blues-oriented thing. And it’s been a lot of fun, man. But with the new record, we decided to kick the shit back up a notch again. And it’s awesome, man. We’re excited for people to hear it.”

Do you think they’ll better the above song? How freaking good is “White Trash Millionaire”?!


Written by Todd Hancock