Bass Guitar Made From 2,000 Lego Pieces Actually Plays!

June 13, 2021

You know you have lots of free time your hands when you’re building a working electric bass guitar made from 2,000 Lego bricks. That’s what Burls Art (on YouTube) did!

As you’ll see in the above 14 minute video, Burls shows step-by-step how he built this work of art. It’s incredible, really (considering there really isn’t that much wood in the finished product). 

Burls said, “I still did add a piece of maple in the middle of it just to give it more strength. With as much string tension as a bass has, it was a no-brainer for me.” 

Burls added it’s the “second epoxy fretboard I’ve done, but the first with a truss rod under it. But this fretboard came out really well, and it feels super good.”

Burls is super creative, over the last couple years he’s made guitars out of skateboards, coffee beans, coloured pencils, pieces of paper and even salt.

Impressive stuff!


Written by Todd Hancock

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