Bad Religion To Release ‘A String’ Of New Singles!

August 26, 2020

Bad Religion singer Greg Graffin was recently spoke to Jonathan Clarke of New York’s Q104.3 and talked about how the band is dealing with the coronavirus crisis and what touring in the future might look like.

During the conversation Graffin said, “Bad Religion still has a pretty grueling touring schedule. We’d sold a lot of tickets this year. And by March, obviously, it was clear that we were gonna be sidelined. Yet still, we reassured our fans that we were going to honor those tickets, and as soon as we’re through this crisis, we will. A band is a lot more than just playing live, so we’ve tried to maintain our sanity and offer something to the fans.”

Graffin went on to say they’ve used COVID-19 time to work on new material, “If you’re a creative band, you’re active right now. Because regardless of what a lot of bands will tell you, it’s not that easy to write music when you’re on tour. You have to partition your energy. And the idea of a band getting together after a concert, getting in a bus and just writing music, in our experience, that just doesn’t happen. Good writing is really a time of reflection, and it happens at times like these. So I think creative bands can be in a really good mode right now of producing material. As far as getting out there and playing, there’s only a certain number of venues, and everyone’s gonna be wanting to get out into those venues. So it remains to be seen how we’re going to partition the tours in the next year. But bands like Bad Religion, certainly, we have committed ourselves — we’ve already sold tickets, and I think those will be honored in the normal way.”

Graffin of the above song, “We just put out a single called ‘Faith Alone 2020’; you can find it on streaming services. And we’ve got a string of other singles that are gonna be coming out during this time. Because when we’re not on tour, we spend a lot of time in the studio. And now we all have music rooms and we all have Pro Tools studios at our houses. And we’re trying to fill in the time by doing creative, collaborative works like that.”

If you haven’t checked out their new autobiography (released Aug18), “Do What You Want: The Story Of Bad Religion”, it’s worth a read. And written with the band’s support and full cooperation; all the good times, the bad, they rip through their 40-year career, from their beginnings to eventually headlining major music festivals.

New Bad Religion is on its way! 


Written by Todd Hancock

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