Watch Audioslaves first show in 12 years!

January 23, 2017

Rock supergroup Audioslave reunited for a one-off show at the Anti-Inaugural Ball in Los Angeles on January 20th. And because of the internet, we have concert footage below. Enjoy!

Audioslave co-headlined the Anti-Inaugural Ball with the Prophets Of Rage, which also featuresĀ guitarist Tom Morello, bassist Tim Commerford and drummer Brad Wilk, formerly of Rage Against The Machine, combining them with Cypress Hill’s B-Real, and Public Enemy’s Chuck D and DJ Lord.

It’s fitting that the event, a protest to the inauguration of Donald Trump, had both bands that spawned out of Rage Against The Machine playing at the same place on one night. And although we don’t like to play what if….one has to wonder what Zack de la Rocha was doing that night.

Anyway. Audioslave played a three song set, opening with “Cochise,” moving into “Like A Stone,” and closed the night with “Show Me How To Live.”

Although the band members are still on good terms, a full reunion seems unlikely. Cornell is preparing for a tour with Soundgarden while Prophets of RageĀ are currently touring. Morello has also hinted that he is working on material for the near future.