Audio: Hear The First New Billy Idol Song In Seven Years!

August 12, 2021

The new Billy Idol song “Bitter Taste” is good! Almost a slight departure. But we’ve also been living in a different world these last eighteen months.

It’s been (almost) seven years since we’ve heard new music and it’s worth the wait! Idol will release his new EP, “The Roadside” on September 17. Billy went into a recording studio with producer Butch Walker (Green Day, Weezer) and longtime lead guitarist and co-writer Steve Stevens and finished everything over the pandemic quarantine.

Talking bout ‘Bitter Taste’, Idol said, “I think everyone has been feeling more reflective (during the pandemic). So, it seemed quite logical and natural to write something about my motorcycle accident. Certainly, the (1991) motorcycle accident was the catharsis, the wake-up moment. A little bit of me got left on that roadside. But it wasn’t necessarily a bad thing in the end; it was a wake-up call. Maybe on that roadside I left behind the irreverent youthful Billy and opened the door for a more attentive father and a more sensitive musician.”

“The Roadside” track listing:

01. Rita Hayworth
02. Bitter Taste
03. U Don’t Have To Kiss Me Like That
04. Baby Put Your Clothes Back On

Cool to hear Billy Idol still making music in the ’20s.

Which other bands/artists from the 80s should do the same?


Written by Todd Hancock

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