Anthrax’s Scott Ian on AC/DC’s Future

April 6, 2016

Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian was recently interviewed by a Brazilian journalist and said that AC/DC “should just stop” if Brian Johnson is unable to continue singing for the band.

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Photos of GN’R singer Axl Rose and members of AC/DC leaving the same rehearsal studio in Atlanta last month has brought speculation that Rose will be the guest vocalist for AC/DC on at least 10 shows. The group had to reschedule the gigs after Johnson was told by doctors to come off the road or face a total loss of hearing.

When asked for his opinion, Ian told Brazilian journalist Luiz Cesar Pimentel, “I don’t think anything. I guess I’ll hear it at some point, and then I can make my opinion. I guess I could kind of imagine in my brain, but I don’t even know what Axl sounds like now. I haven’t heard Axl Rose sing in a long, long time. So, can he sing AC/DC songs? I don’t know. I suppose AC/DC must think so, if it’s true. So I’m sure I’ll get to hear it soon enough on the Internet somewhere and then I guess I’ll have an opinion on it.”

He continued: “I wish they would get Angry Anderson, the guy who was in ROSE TATTOO. I don’t know if Angry Anderson is still even singing anymore. But I always thought, in 1980, he was the guy. I didn’t know who Brian Johnson was yet, but I knew Angry Anderson in 1980, and when Bon [Scott] died, I was hoping Angry Anderson was gonna join AC/DC, ’cause he was from Australia and he sounded like a guy who should be in AC/DC. But then Brian came and Brian was great. So who knows?”

Ian added: “My personal opinion is, without Brian at this point, I think they should just stop. Why? Why? You’re AC/DC. I don’t think they need the money. It would be pretty hard to imagine that they still are out there working because they need money. But who am I to say? It’s just my opinion. But I wish… If Brian is done, then I wish the band would stop. That’s just my personal, shitty opinion.”

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AC/DC postponed the last ten dates of their recent North American tour due to Johnson’s condition, promising to make them up and possibly use “guest vocalists.”

The rescheduled North American dates for AC/DC have not yet been announced. The band’s next confirmed shows take place in Europe in May.


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