An Unauthorized Eddie Van Halen Biography Is Coming This Fall

July 29, 2021

In case you missed it, Paul Brannigan’s unauthorized Eddie Van Halen biography, “Eruption: The Eddie Van Halen Story” is set to be released on September 23rd. Think Eddie’s son Wolfgang’s tweet says it all. Key word ‘unauthorized’.


As you might expect, this authorized biography is to mark the first anniversary of Eddie Van Halen’s death. Eddie passed away last October at St. John’s Hospital in Santa Monica, California, from complications due to cancer.

The book is said to look at Van Halen’s life after arriving in California in the early 60s and becoming one of the most iconic, if not thee, guitarists of our generation.

Publishing Company Faber & Faber originally acquired “Eruption” in 2013. They bought UK + Commonwealth rights, plus Canada, from Aitken Alexander.

Brannigan also wrote the bestselling biography of Dave Grohl, “This Is A Call”, and co-wrote the “Birth School Metallica Death” biography. I’ve read the Grohl book and it was OK. I remember thinking, “I wish Dave Grohl wrote this instead”.

Not sure how I feel about these unauthorized biographies, to be honest. If it ain’t sitting well with Wolfgang, that’s about all I need to know.

Makes you wonder, will there ever be an authorized EVH biography, and if so, who would write the book?


Written by Todd Hancock


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