Alice in Chains in studio, new material on the way

January 24, 2017

In even MORE new music news, Alice In Chains bassist Mike Inez has confirmed the band is in studio working on new material.


At the 14:40 mark in the video above Inez comments “being in the studio for twenty hours a day isn’t fun, but it’s a great job. But we try to make that our clubhouse and separate that from the business, kind of. So we’re still in that… playing in the sandbox, kind of, for this new record anyways. We’re still getting together in the same city, and plugging in in the same room.

“Today is actually our first day [in the studio,] and I’m already late, ’cause I’m here talking to you, so it shows you how professional we still are,” Inez laughed.

So add Alice in Chains to the list of bands we can expect to hear a new record from!