Alice Cooper to release Pinball Game

March 29, 2017

Today in “things that probably should have happened by now,” Spooky Pinball LLC has announced that they’re working on a pinball kit based on the iconic image and music of Alice Cooper. Check out the trailer for “Alice Cooper’s Nightmare Castle” below.

The marriage between Cooper and pinball seems like something that, again, would have happened before 2017. But hey, better late than never.

Spooky Pinball LLC are still a little mum on details, but we can expect the pinball machine to come out officially “fall 2017.”
Spooky Pinball LLC also offered up these details ; “Lots of classic and modern Alice Cooper music, NOT a ‘greatest hits’ package but we selected what fits an awesome Spooky monster-filled adventure game.”

The game will also feature some spooky ambiance music from Rob Zombie’s Piggy D (Matt Montgomery) and Jeff Zornow will be contributing to the art.

“Some of you may know, I’m quite the golfer. That’s how I relax. But when I’m really feeling crazy I play pinball! The speed, the chaos, the mayhem! The brutality of that ball, flying about out of control, makes me happy,” Cooper says in the video. Sounds like he’s REALLY stoked on finally getting his own pinball machine!

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