Ace Frehley Will Start Recording New Solo Album ‘After The New Year’!

December 14, 2020

Original KISS guitarist Ace Frehley was recently a guest of Talking Metal Live and said he’s going to start working on the follow up to 2018’s “Spaceman” album in the new year!

Frehley said he’s building a recording studio in his house in New Jersey, “It’s not the first studio I’ve ever built. If you remember, in the ’70s, when I lived in Connecticut, I spent $800,000 building a studio underground next to my home. But studios are nothing new to me, and I design ’em wherever I go; wherever I live, I always have a place to work. But the new place I’m in now has a 3,000-square-foot basement, so I’ve got plenty of room. So I made a large control room and I just was finishing up the drum room today. And after the New Year, I’m gonna start recording my new album, right in the basement. The beauty of it is because of this virus, everybody’s supposed to stay home. Well, I don’t have a problem staying home now, because I work from my house anyway.”

(Photo by Debra L Rothenberg/Getty Images)

Frehley continued, “I’ve been writing all along. Plus, I have tracks that I’ve already recorded that I have to revisit and decide whether they have a chance to make it on my new studio record — [if they] have to be rewritten or [they’re] just good the way they are. And I’ve got people sending me song ideas constantly… So, little by little, it’s an ongoing process, and it evolves as it goes.”

Ace is the coolest (former) member of KISS all-time, right?


Written by Todd Hancock

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