Ace Frehley: My New Solo Album Will ‘Embarrass’ Paul and Gene

February 7, 2024

Former KISS guitarist Ace Frehley was recently interviewed by Cassius Morris and how his recording career has now outlasted Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley. You’ll love how candid Ace is.

“Well, getting sober was probably one of the major stepping stones for me to keep myself going. I’m much healthier now than I was 10, 15 years ago. But Paul and Gene, over the years, have always kind of dragged my name through the mud. To try to validate the fact that they had Tommy Thayer in the band, they used to make statements. You can look ’em up in videos — there’s dozens of ’em — where they say, ‘Oh, Ace wasn’t up for the job.’ ‘Ace was unemployable.’ ‘He was always late.’ And that got to me. And to this day, it still bothers me, but it doesn’t hold water.”

Frehley is getting ready to release his new album, the 11 song “10,000 Volts”, on February 23. “I made this statement before this record even started. I said, ‘This album’s gonna embarrass them,’ because they can’t do a record this good. I dare them to.”

You heard the first release, “10,000 Volts”, on November 28. The music video was directed by Alex Kouvatsos from Black Wolf Imaging and is close to cracking 1,000,000 views.

This new album is Frehley’s first all-original album since 2018’s “Spaceman”. KISS’ Gene Simmons co-wrote two songs on “Spaceman”: “Without You I’m Nothing” and “Your Wish Is My Command”.

I’m picking up the vibes that you shouldn’t expect Gene or Paul to make an appearance on Ace’s new album. I could be wrong… but I’m not.


Written by Todd Hancock