AC/DC Craft Beer Coming Soon!

July 23, 2021

KnuckleBonz and Calicraft Brewing Company are releasing two official AC/DC beers: AC/DC PWR UP Juicy IPA and AC/DC TNT Double IPA! Unfortunately, you won’t find them at retail ’til late summer ’21. 

KnuckleBonz and Calicraft said in a statement: “We are excited to announce this is the first in a series of AC/DC branded beers to be featured in this unique collaboration to bring quality beverages to the music super fan.”

Here are the stats for the beers:

AC/DC PWR UP Juicy IPA (at an evil 6.66%) mixes the tropical hop punch of hazy IPAs with the balance of West Coast IPAs.

AC/DC TNT Double IPA (at a mind-blowing 8.2%) blends a mix of Australian Cascade, American Cascade, and Simcoe to create a big, bold 8.2% Double IPA. Flavors of fresh cut grapefruit, sweet mango, and fresh pine explode out of the glass.

KnuckleBonz CEO Tony Simerman said, “Many of the bands we have worked with in the Rock Iconz and 3D Vinyl Series will be coming to the new beverage line. There’s not a better band than AC/DC to kick this off.”

Go to or for more info!

Wonder if these beers’ll be any good? What’s the best band booze you know of?


Written by Todd Hancock

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