A ‘Between Two Ferns’ Movie

May 25, 2019

Did you hear that Netflix will be premiering the movie Zach Galifianakis’ interview series “Between Two Ferns” later in the year?

The premise of the movie is simple: Will Ferrell finds Galifianakis’ public access TV show, Between Two Ferns, uploads it to Funny Or Die and turns the host into a laughing stock. This makes Galifianakis go on a road trip interviewing high-profile celebrities to save his reputation.

They haven’t announced who some of the interviewees will be. Personally, I think Zach has done better work and this skit/mock-interview appeals to people who drag their knuckles.

No offense, of course. Different strokes for different folks.

Galifianakis debuted “Ferns” in 2008 and has seen some big names roll through, including former US President Barack Obama, Justin Bieber, Jerry Seinfeld, Cardi B, Hillary Clinton & more.

Are you a fan of this skit/interview series? Some get it, some don’t. Either way, you can expect the movie to hit Netflix on September 20, 2019.

Written by Todd Hancock