Will Smith accused of using steroids for ‘Ali’ movie

February 24, 2016

Well this story goes back a few years. Comedian Paul Rodriguez has accused Will Smith of being an “a-hole” and of using steroids while filming 2001 movie, Ali.

will smith ali movie

During an interview on San Diego radio station Rock105.3, Rodriguez claimed that Smith – who portrayed Muhammad Ali in the biopic – was “really offensive” towards him after a supposed racially-charged exchange in a dressing room.

When asked about working with Smith, he said, “I’ve done a couple of films with him and this time we didn’t end up so good. I’d never work with him again, he was an a-hole.”

Speaking of why he came to blows with the actor, he said: “Maybe he was on steroids or something.”


Rodriguez played Dr Ferdie Pacheco – who was Muhammad Ali’s physician – in the film, with the star adding that one day, real-life Pacheco was “drunk as a skunk” on set and flew into a rage in Smith’s dressing room.

Rodriguez recalled: “He goes into Will Smith’s trailer and he’s upset that his part isn’t bigger and that I’m playing him. He wanted Andy Garcia to play him.

“It escalated to the point where he started using the n-word to Will – and all this is true – and the police had to come escort him off the set. From then on, Will never looked at me the same.”

The actor went on to conclude that he didn’t know if Smith had used steroids during the film of Ali but questioned how he went from being “a skinny dude to a massive guy”.

Smith is yet to comment on Rodriquez’s claims.


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