Weekend Box Office: ‘Minions’ $115.2 Million Debut

July 12, 2015

“Minions” dominated the box office this week and brought in $115.2 million in North America, for the second largest animated film opening in history.


“Minions” just missed the domestic record set by “Shrek the Third’s” $121.6 million kickoff in 2007. “Minions” cost $74 million to produce, a modest number considering that Pixar and DreamWorks Animation routinely spend more than $100 million on their animated features.

The studio left nothing to chance when it came to reminding moviegoers why the loved the nattering, mischievous, highlighter-hued critters. Universal partnered with the likes of Snapchat, McDonald’s, and Amazon to deliver nearly $600 million in publicity and promotions!

The opening weekend crowd for “Minions” was 59% female, 55% under the age of 25, and 60% comprised of families.