Watch Video of Recent VINCE NEIL Solo Concert

May 4, 2019

Thanks to YouTuber Eric Hutcheson, you’re able to see a couple videos from a recent solo concert by Motley Crue singer Vince Neil.

Neil grabbed Dana Strum and Jeff Blando from Slaughter and drummer Zoltan Chaney for his current tour.

Vince was recently on “Trunk Nation” talking about still playing Crue music, “It’s a cool thing, because I love Motley Crue, I love Motley Crue’s music, and I love singing, and I love the fans’ reactions when they hear the songs,” he said. “Whether we’re playing in front of a thousand people or twenty thousand people, I can only see the front row anyway. So I’m happy for me and for the fans to be able to still hear that music after Motley Crue is finished.”

Motley Crue’s biography, “The Dirt” debuted on Netflix on March 22 and has been a smash hit. No surprise really. Though some critics think it doesn’t come close to their book.

The Crue completed “The Final Tour” in 2015, playing 164 shows in 72 markets, grossing over $100 million. They also signed a “cessation of touring” contract that prevents them from playing as Motley Crue in the future.

Any other singers successful bands that you’d like to see tour as a solo artist?


Written by Todd Hancock