Viewers complain to FCC over Tiger Woods swearing on TV

May 20, 2015

Watching Tiger Woods play golf is a PG-13 experience. Woods isn’t afraid to let loose and drop a few F-Bombs from time to time, which are inevitably picked up by television microphones. And some viewers have filed complaints to the Federal Communications Commission.


According to, 70% of complaints on golf coverage filed to the FCC have been Woods-related.


“Since 2011 the Federal Communications Commission has fielded 22 complaints about profanities heard on golf broadcasts on CBS, NBC, Golf Channel and ESPN, according to FCC records obtained by through a Freedom of Information request. Fifteen of those grievances, or nearly 70 percent, relate to salty language uttered by Woods.”

You can read the individual complaints here. A few highlights:

“During live play being shown on the Golf Channel Tiger Woods used curse words on this live program while teeing off. This was not “bleeped” from the broadcast. This is a family oriented game and I am sure many families were watching this program……as mine was. The language is very offensive and not appropriate for live programming! This type of language is not unusual from this player and we have heard it before……but nothing is ever done by the FCC!!

My 11 year old daughter enjoys watching golf with her Dad. No more, as long as Tiger’s playing! I’ve been aware of his anger management problem for years, having heard it in person at tournaments. However, when a network chooses to air him without a delay, I have to keep my daughter away. She did not know the “GD” word until today.

Tiger Woods used very’very,profane 4 letter word.This was viewed by millons.This was during the PGA Masters tournment.Bobby Jones is turning over in his Grave.”