U2’s Bono Apologizes for his Apology

November 22, 2014

Initially, U2’s singer Bono was surprised by the outrage over U2 placing their new album “Songs Of Innocence” into the iTunes library of 700 million users. He would go on to apologize for forcing their music on you.

U2 Bono

Now, during an interview with Mojo, Bono said, “I’m already working on the apology … for the apology. Because I’m very proud of what we did. It’s one of the proudest moments in U2’s history.”

“I mean, come on,” Bono said in the interview. “Of the great crimes against mankind …? This is an honest mistake, and we’re just not going to lose sleep about it.”

Meanwhile, U2 recently hinted that their 2015 tour will be ambitious.