December 2, 2014

Creed singer Scott Stapp, the troubled vocalist has apparently started a new crowdsourcing campaign to raise $480,000 so that he can record a new solo album and write his first novel.


Stapp posted a link at Creed’s Facebook page to the site, where at press time he had raised just $577 with 118 days to go in his pledge drive.

Stapp claims he is going to work with producer Howard Benson and mixer Chris Lord-Alge on the new disc, the same team with whom he recorded his 2013 solo effort, Proof Of Life. He also says he intends to write his first book in the fiction category.

Stapp’s woes came to light last week when he revealed via a series of videos on Facebook that he was broke, living either in his truck or a Holiday Inn, and even having trouble feeding himself after becoming the victim of what he claimed was some sort of attack that had drained his finances and led the IRS to freeze his bank accounts.

It soon came to light, however, that his wife Jaclyn had filed for divorce and was trying to get Stapp into a mental health facility after he vanished from their home a month ago on what she alleged was a drug binge that left her husband paranoid, delusional and possibly dangerous.